The Nursery’s Little Sprouts – Babies – Age 3

The Nursery’s Little Sprouts

Babies—Age 3

Welcome! Sincere prayer and thought have gone into the operation of the Living Hope Nursery. The vision is to provide a well staffed and equipped facility where safety is a high priority and the best possible care is provided for your baby.  Be assured that your child will receive love and warmth from nurturing volunteers.  Feel free to ask questions and share input with us.

Nursery Rooms

There are three attached rooms that make up the nursery:

1) Quiet Room – Equipped with room darkening shades and cribs, your baby can safely nap while you participate in the service.  There are chairs for privacy while nursing, and a change table.

2) Infant Room Newborn to 18 months. There is a change table parents can use after signing in at the nursery desk, infant-specific toys and interlocking foam tile play floor that are cleaned weekly.

3) Toddler Room – 18 months – 3 years old. There are many fun, age appropriate toys and books for play, that are cleaned regularly.  A short bible story, song and prayer is shared with the children during snack time with Cheerios and water in sippy cups.  If your child has food allergies you may provide a labelled alternate dry snack, that is peanut-free.  There is a washroom in this part of the nursery for children who are toilet training. Three year old’s will have the opportunity to move up to the preschool class twice per year, in January or September

Personal Toys

Except for infant toys, please do not bring toys from home as they are difficult to keep track of and other children may take an interest in them.


There are 8 rotating nursery teams.  Each team is made up of 1 team leader, 3 adult attendants and 2 junior helpers. All adult volunteers have current police checks and Safe Church Policy Training. The centre door is the only entrance used for the nursery.  Team Leaders monitor this door at all times, and are available to answer parent questions. The other two doors are for emergency use only and are never to be used. Only scheduled volunteers, nursery age children and parent/care-givers are admitted into the nursery. In order for us to give attention to nursery children, older siblings and friends must attend their own age group class.

Well-Baby Policy

In an effort to keep all children in the nursery healthy and happy, please do not bring a child in with a communicable illness such as a cough, cold or flu. Children should be on antibiotics for at least 24 hours before entering the nursery. Only parents can administer medication.  If your child has a clear, runny nose, due to allergies, please let us know when you sign them in.

Sign in/out Procedure:

Children are signed in to the computer prior to the church service, at the Check – in Desk in the front hall. You are welcome to drop your child off at anytime after that.

Some children need time to adjust to the nursery. Parents may stay in the centre room to help calm them.  In an effort to keep ‘people traffic’ down to a minimum, only one parent/caregiver can stay with them.

For safety, nursery children are identified using:

A name tag, attached to their clothing, with the family’s Child Check Code and any special instructions.

A second name tag to attach to their diaper bag.

A parent/caregiver tag (given to the parent/caregiver) with only the code on it. This code changes each week and the code is used to pick up all the children in a family.

What if my child needs me?

if your baby is unable to settle, we will have made a good attempt to console them before putting the Child Check Code up on the screens in the service. Please come to the nursery as soon as your number appears. Notify the team leader if your baby is tired or fussy due to teething etc. and might need more time to settle. Please note when you sign in if you would prefer to be called to change your child’s diaper.



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