Connect Groups

Summer Break!

Sign Up sheets are available on the Connect Group Table in the Fellowship Hall. Connect groups will resume the week of September 15.




In Connect Groups we:

  • Notice Each Others Spiritual Growth
  • Care when tough Things Happen.


At Living Hope we believe that involvement in a Connect Group is incredibly important to people’s personal and spiritual growth. Groups also allow us to condense the big church feel of a Sunday morning into smaller and more relational parts. We are firmly convinced that everyone can grow and benefit from being in a Connect Group.


  • Generally meet bi-weekly on a set day throughout the year
  • When together, they will either study scripture, look at a topic of interest (i.e finances, parenting, Sunday’s sermon) or will be involved in serving their community.
  • Fun and confidentiality are treasured values.

To get involved in a Connect Group contact the office at (705) 740-9293.


Sermon Study Guides:

Our sermon study guides are available at the Ministry table in the Fellowship hall area.  You can use these guides on your own, with your family or with a friend.  These booklets have 3 sections for each week:

  1. My Time With Jesus This Week – In this section, you read through the verses each day and write down what you feel the Holy Spirit is speaking to you.  If you do this with your family, get your kids to look up other Bible translations at
  2. My Time at Church – Sermon Notes: Take your study guide on Sunday and jot down notes from the sermon in this section
  3. My Time With My Group – If you are in a Connect Group this section is where you can go over the two questions in the guide.  Your leader will also have sermon questions that you will discuss in your group time. Take notes here. If you are not part of a group you can pick up sermon questions on the table in the fellowship area near the study guides.


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